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Early years

I grew up in Carroll County, Maryland. My parents were hard working, blue collar people. My father died suddenly when I was 17 years old. My mother worked hard to support me and my younger brother. She managed to put herself through college while raising us, and graduated from college the same year I graduated from law school. She is now enjoying her much deserved retirement.


I am the proud father of a wonderful 13 year old daughter. My daughter and I are both thrilled at the prospect of expanding our family to include my fiancé and her two children. In addition to trying to become your next Judge of the Circuit Court for Harford County, I am making wedding plans for later this year.


I graduated from Loyola College in Baltimore in 1990. The Jesuit tradition of education and service is a legacy I am proud to claim. I was fortunate to have some wonderful professors who introduced me to the law courses that would ultimately lead me to my chosen profession. After spending a semester during my junior year working as an intern for Judge John Prevas in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City, I set my sights on law school.

The University of Maryland School of Law has a nationally recognized clinical law program. It was there that I began to discover what it means to be a lawyer in public service. Working for two semesters first in the landlord/tenant clinic then in the juvenile clinic, I gained hands on experience helping people in difficult circumstances resolve legal issues that directly impacted their lives. After graduating in 1993, I studied for and passed the bar examinations in both Maryland and Pennsylvania.

I started the first year of my career now as a law clerk for Judge Prevas. I was in court every day working for a judge who liked nothing better than to be in trial. It was there that I developed my desire to work in the courtroom. I consider my first job to be the most important year of my formal, legal education. I was now ready to be a lawyer.


After my judicial clerkship ended, I hung out a shingle and started my own practice. I was fortunate to work in a building with a number of experienced solo practitioners who were willing to teach me the business of law practice. From there I joined an established practice with two other attorneys, forming a three person firm in Bel Air. During my six years in private practice I was exposed to a broad range of legal matters. I handled contract disputes, family law matters, personal injury and worker's compensation cases, and all sorts of criminal and traffic charges. While I enjoyed the variety of the work, there was something missing.

In early 2000 I received a call from a friend in administration at the Public Defender's Office. After a brief conversation I realized that I needed to pursue that opportunity. I joined the office on July 5, 2000, and have spent nearly every workday since in court. I started in the Baltimore City office, practicing there until I transferred to Harford County in January 2010. After 8 years in Bel Air I am ready for the next challenge.



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